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Andean Wonder 12 Days

Price from: $ 1400USD
Physical Level:
Highest Altitude:
5000 masl
Recommended Seasson:
all year
Tour Type:
Trip Length:
12 days
Group Size:
8 to 20
Price From:
$ 1400 USD

Andean Wonder 12 Days

Our Andean Wonder 12 days program we will visit the most important sites among the cities of Lima, Ica, Arequipa, Puno and Cusco (Machupicchu).

Starting the tour from the city of Lima, where we will visit one of the most important fountains and the most important archaeological and colonial centers.

Then we will leave for Ballestas Island, Huacachina and finish our trip along the coast, with a flight over the impressive Nazca lines. We will continue south we to arrive at Arequipa, the “White City”, where we will visit its architectural constructions, as well as the deepest canyon, the Colca Canyon.

We will bid farewell to Chivay for Puno, to navigate in the highest navigable lake in the world, and continue the trip to our last destination CUSCO, where we will visit one of the 7 wonders of the world Machu Picchu“.


  • DAY 01: Reception at Lima airport / transfer to Lima hotel.
  • DAY 02: Tour Ballestas Island and Huacachina Oasis.
  • DAY 03: Overflight Nazca Lines.
  • DAY 04: City tour Arequipa.
  • DAY 05: Colca Canyon Tour / overnight at Chivay hotel.
  • DAY 06: Visit Cruz del Condor viewpoint / Travel Chivay to Puno / Hotel Puno.
  • DAY 07: Visit Uros Taquile Day 01 / Overnight Taquile.
  • DAY 08: Visit Amantani / return to Puno.
  • DAY 09: Tour Ruta del Sol / Terminal transfer to hotel in Cusco.
  • DAY 10: Tour Super Sacred Valley of the Incas / connection Machu Picchu.
  • DAY 11: Tour Machu Picchu.
  • DAY 12: Transfer Hotel – Cusco Airport.

Trip Details

  • Physical Rating: Moderate(3/5)
  • Activities: Sightseeing, Short walks, Shopping, Hiking, Cultural, Nature, Mountains
  • Minimum altitude: 10 m.a.s.l.
  • Maximum altitude: 4500 m.a.s.l.
  • Hotel: hotel according to choice (double or triple rooms).
  • Group size: customized groups and private services Andean Wonder 12 days.
  • When to travel: All year round, but March to December is recommended.



Lima comes from the original Quechua word Rimaq (Speaker), known as “City of Kings” founded in 1535 by Francisco Pizarro, considered the new Spanish city, capital of the Viceroyalty of Peru. The first Viceroy of Peru was Francisco Alvarez de Toledo, the most important and praised as the “Supreme Organizer”, who commanded the execution of the last Inca of Vilcabamba, Tupac Amaru I.

Before the conquest of Peru, in was formed by small villages called curacazgo, in the years 1100 A.D. resurfaced the local power formed by the Chancay Culture (culture of prodigious weavers), and Pachacamac (ceremonial center of unquestionable prestige) where the power was concentrated, Pachacamac was the god of the night and earthquakes.


is located in the southern part of Lima, where the bay of Paracas and important vineyards are located, the first inhabitants settled 9000 years ago, “The man of Paracas” discovered in the pampas of Santo Domingo dates from the year 6870 B.C. being the second oldest horticulturist of Peru. Three pre-Inca cultures settled here: the Paracas, Nazca and Chincha cultures and dominated by Pachacutec in the 15th century.


According to legend, Cusco was founded by Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo who emerged from Lake Titicaca by order of the Sun God.

However, it was Pachacutec who is credited with having made Cuzco a political and spiritual center. Pachacutec ruled since 1438, who together with his son Tupac Yupanqui dedicated five decades to organize the different peoples, thus forming the Tawantinsuyo, within his masterpiece is attributed Machu Picchu.

Cusco is a city with great Festivities among which stands out the IntiRaymi festival that is celebrated every June 24 of each year.


The White City of Arequipa is surrounded by 3 imposing Volcanoes Misti (5800 masl), Chachani (6000 masl), Pichu Pichu (5300 masl) surrounding the White City of Arequipa.

It is located one of the most important tourist attractions of Peru, the Colca Canyon, with a depth of 4160 meters, here you can see the flight of the Andean Condor.

It is known as the “White City”, due to the fact that the historical center is built with fossilized volcanic lava material called Sillar, extracted from the Añas Huayco quarry.

Within the most important architectural constructions are the Monastery of Santa Catalina, the cathedral, The temple of the Company.


Day 1

Reception at Lima airport / City TOur Lima.

Upon arrival at the airport in Lima, our staff will be waiting for you to pick you up and transfer you to the hotel to check in and rest before the night city tour and visit the Magic Water Circuit.

Night city tour / Magical water circuit

At the appointed time, we will start our visit to the colonial part of Lima, where we will visit the Plaza San Martin, the Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral of Lima, the Archbishop’s Palace, the Government Palace, and the beautifully illuminated main architectural monuments.

We will continue our visit to the Magic Water Circuit, known as the largest fountain complex in the world certified by the Guinness World Records. There we will find a geyser of 80 meters high. We will enjoy an extraordinary show of lights, water and music.

Andean Wonder 12 Days
Day 2

Tour Ballestas Island and Huacachina Oasis.

We will have a 4-hour trip to Paracas beach will begin at 5:40 am, in tourist transportation, and you will be given a box lunch for the trip.

Ballestas Island – Paracas.

From Chaco dock, we will start our trip to Ballestas Island, in modern boats, where we will appreciate one of the natural beauties of marine fauna, and we will also be able to observe the famous candelabra.

On the way back to Puerto Chaco we will take our transportation to Ica.

Ica and Vineyards Tour.

Once we arrive to the city of Ica we will visit the Nietto winery, one of the artisan vineyards, where the grape brandy known as “Pisco” is made, where a staff will show us the process of making wine, and the different cocktails in a traditional way since 1856.

At the end of the guided tour we will be able to taste the different cocktails, then we will continue to one of the artisan chocolate shops to taste the traditional chocoteja, alfajores and others.

Huacachina Oasis

During the afternoon we will visit the famous Huacachina Lagoon, located 5km from the city of Ica, where we can enjoy the ride in the dunes in the dune buggies and perform the famous Sandbording in Sand.

At the end we will take our transportation from the terminal of Ica to Nazca, night hotel Nazca.

Andean Wonder 12 Days
Day 3

Nazca Lines overflight

At the time indicated by our staff, we will pick you up at your hotel and transfer you to the Nazca airport.

We will be waiting at the airport to board the plane where we can make the overflight to the Nazca lines, from the top we can enjoy the gigantic figures such as: the trapeze, the monkey, the dog, the spider, the parrot, the astronaut, the tree, the hummingbird, the condor.

At the end of the overflight in Nazca we will have the afternoon free until the departure time of our bus to the city of Arequipa and spend the night.

Andean Wonder 12 Days
Day 4

City Tour Arequipa + Santa Catalina Monastery

Continuing our Andean Wonder 12 days program, at the time indicated by our guide we will be able to visit the most important archaeological sites of the white city of Arequipa.

At the appointed time we will have a view of the city from the viewpoints of Carmen Alto and Yanahuara. (Mirador and Church), then we will go to the historic center of Arequipa where we will visit the Monastery of Santa Catalina, which is a sample of four centuries of Arequipa’s architecture, the small streets and cloisters full of colorful flowers and walls painted in fresh tints.

Then we will go to the main square, one of the most beautiful in Peru, the Jesuit Church of La Compañía, which in its beautiful facade announces the so-called mestizo architecture, its cloisters and dome, the Tristán del Pozo mansion.

Andean Wonder 12 Days
Day 5

Colca Canyon Tour / overnight hotel Chivay

At 7:00 am, we will start picking up our passengers from their hotels to start the tour of the Colca Canyon.

On the way, we will visit the Pampa de Arrieros and Pampa Cañahuas, where we can observe South American camelids such as the Vicuña, llamas and Alpacas. Continuing we will travel to Viscachani and then to Patapampa, the highest point of our journey known as the viewpoint of the Volcanoes and then continue to the town of Chivay, where we will spend the night.

Andean Wonder 12 Days
Day 6

Visit Cruz del Condor viewpoint / Bus Chivay to Puno / Hotel Puno

At 5:30 am, after breakfast at the hotel, we will start our excursion to the Colca Canyon (4910 masl), from the viewpoint of the Condor Cross we can enjoy the immense depth of the Canyon. We will also enjoy the majestic flight of the Condor.

At the end we will return to Chivay to have lunch and take our tourist transport to the city of Puno, where we will be able to observe pre-Inca agricultural terraces, visit the villages of Pinchollo, Maca, Achoma and Yanque, night hotel Puno.

Andean Wonder 12 Days
Day 7

Visit Uros Taquile Day 01 / night Taquile

At 7:00 am our staff will pick you up at your hotel and transfer you to the post of Puno, from where we will start the trip to the islands of Lake Titicaca.

Visit 3 islands Uros, we will learn about the customs of the families that live there, and also learn about the origin of the islands and how they were built.

Then we will visit Taquile Island, where we will be welcomed by the local families, in order to give us lodging. We will have the afternoon to visit the island and the most important tourist attractions.

We will spend the night in the houses of the villagers, where we will learn more about their traditions and their great textile industry.

Day 8

Visit Amantani / return to Puno

In the morning, after a nutritious breakfast, we will sail to Amantani, from where we will enjoy a privileged view of Lake Titicaca, we will also visit the religious centers of Pachamama and Pachatata.

At the end of the tour of the island, we will return to our boat that will take us back to the city of Puno.

Arrival in Puno approximately 4:00 pm, overnight at hotel Puno.

Day 9

Sunshine Route Tour / Transfer to Cusco hotel

After breakfast at the hotel, at 6:30 am, you will be picked up from your hotel and transferred to the bus terminal.

We will depart from Puno to Cusco by the famous route called “La Ruta del Sol”, a ride filled with discovery of the most important tourist attractions from Puno to Cusco.

On the way we will make tourist stops to visit the majestic Paso de la Raya, the Mythical Mythical Museum of Pukara, the Temple of the god Wiracocha and the Sistine Chapel of America known as the Temple of Andahuaylillas.

Upon arrival in Cusco, our staff will be waiting for you to pick you up from the bus terminal and transfer you to your hotel in Cusco.

Andean Wonder 12 Days
Day 10

Super Sacred Valley of the Incas Tour / Machu Picchu connection.

We start at 6:30 am, after breakfast at the hotel, where our collaborator will come to your hotel to pick you up and start our trip to the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

We will start with the visit of Chinchero for about 30 minutes, then continue to the district of Maras, from here we will travel 7 km to the terraces of Moray, known as the agricultural research center of the Incas, because each of the 16 terraces have a different microclimate.

After the visit we return to Maras to visit the Salt Mines or Salineras, which since Inca times have produced salt in an artisanal way, currently it is still produced.

At the end of the tour, we will continue to Urubamba where a nutritious lunch awaits us.

After lunch we will continue to the archaeological park of Ollantaytambo, we will have a 40-minute visit, at the end of the visit we will go to the train station, to take our train to Machu Picchu.

trip to Machu Picchu by train

We will have a 2-hour drive to Machu Picchu Pueblo, where our collaborators will be waiting for you to transfer you to the hotel in Machu Picchu and spend the night.

Andean Wonder 12 Days
Day 11

Tour to Machu Picchu:

This day will be the big day where we will know the best of our Andean wonder 12 days package, and why Machu Picchu is considered a wonder.

At approximately 7:00 am according to the indications of our guide, we will board the bus to Machu Picchu, a trip of approximately 40 minutes.

Arriving at the entrance gate of Machu Picchu, with our guide we will start the tour of the citadel, we will reach the top of the citadel where the Guardian’s house is located from here, we will have a panoramic view of the Inca citadel, we will start the descent while our guide tells us important aspects of the citadel.

At the end we will return to the buses to descend to Machu Picchu village, where we can spend the rest of the afternoon until the departure time of the train.

30 minutes before the departure of the train to Ollantaytambo we will check in to have the 2-hour return trip, upon arrival in Ollantaytambo our staff will be waiting for you to transfer you to the city of Cusco. Overnight in Cusco hotel

Day 12

Free day transfer to hotel or apartment.

After a 13 day trip through the Peru and having known the Andean wonders, this will be our last day in Cusco, it will be gratifying to have known the best of Peru.

After breakfast at the indicated time, you will be transferred to the airport where we will say our last farewell.


Take customization to the next level on a journey fully tailored to you. Aremika’s destination local specialists will gladly tailor this existing itinerary—or build one completely from scratch—to suit your style, interests, and time frame. Contact us to see what’s possible.




  • DAY 01:Pick up from the apt, overnight at hotel Lima, City Tours + entrances
  • DÍA 02: Transporte Lima-Paracas-Ica-Lima, visita Isla Ballesta, Visita Viñedos, Autos Tubulares en Huacachina, Bus Ica-Nazca, Noche Hotel Nazca.
  • DAY 03: Flight over Nazca, Transportation Nazca-Lima, Night hotel Lima, Bus Nazca-Arequipa, Night, Hotel Arequipa.
  • DAY 04:City Tour Arequipa, Night at Arequipa hotel.
  • DAY 05:Tourist Transport Arequipa Chivay, Night hotel Chivay.
  • DAY 06: Visit viewpoint of the Condor, Colca Canyon, transportation Chivay-Arequipa-Puno, Night Hotel Puno.
  • DÍA 07: Tours Uros Taquile, Noche Hotel Puno
  • DAY 08:Transfer Htl-Terminal Puno, Tourist Bus Puno-Cusco, Transfer Hotel Cusco, Night Hotel Cusco.
  • DÍA 09: Desayuno y almuerzo, Botiquín, Oxigeno, Bastones, Noche Hotel Cusco.
  • DÍA 10: Ingreso Boleto turístico Pisaq y Ollantaytambo, Almuerzo bufete, Tren Ollanta-Machupicchu, Noche hotel Machu Picchu Pueblo.
  • DÍA 11: Ingreso a Machu Picchu, Bus en Machu Picchu, Guía profesional Ingles/español, Tren Machu Picchu-Ollanta, Traslado Ollanta-Cusco Noche hotel Cusco.
  • DAY 12: Transfer Hotel or apartment

No Included

  • Payment of taxes Ballestas Islands S/. 16.00 soles
  • Paracas National Reserve Fee S/.10.00 soles
  • Nazca line fees S/ 25.00 soles
  • Ingresos city tours Arequipa.
  • Colca canon entrance fee s/70.00 soles.
  • entrance to the Baroque Route S/55.00 soles.
  • Qoricancha Entrance. s/10.00 soles.
  • Income mountain of colors s/10.00 soles.
  • Entrance fee to the thermal baths of la calera s/15.00 soles (optional).
  • Drinks Phone calls Snacks.
  • Meals after coordination with the guest.
  • Services not indicated in the itinerary.
  • Drinks Phone calls Snacks,
  • Gratuities Food upon coordination with the guest.
  • Service not indicated in the itinerary.


  • Raincoat (long poncho) in rainy season October, November, January, February, March.
  • Warm clothes for the nights in them months of May, June, July,
  • Long sleeve shirts and comfortable pants for hiking.
  • For the routes of the mountain of colors and the Humantay lagoon, bring thermal and light clothing, and medicines for personal use.
  • In Machu Picchu preferably use insect repellent.
  • Sunscreen, wide-brimmed hat for sunny days for all excursions.
  • Plastic bags so you can keep the trash and leave it in the right place.
  • A small backpack to carry your personal items if necessary.
  • Light briefcase per person with less than 8 kilos for trips to Machu Picchu.
  • Have on hand checks and coins in small denominations, preferably local currency soles.

Package Prices Andean Wonder 12 Days

Option Details Price

Your Travel Guide at a glance

1. Transportation in Peru – Andean Wonder.

Flights are available throughout Peru, but most flights fly in and out of Lima. International flights are limited and can be expensive due to limited availability in South America. If you want to get around locally, the main means of transportation include: car, cab, bus or combi.

2. Lifestyle in Peru – Andean Wonder.

Definitely in this tour we will find different cultures, traditions and lifestyles, from the Coast where life is related to the industry and fishing, the Vineyards where we will enjoy delicious liquors, a variety of foods from the coast and jungle Sierra delicious dishes that you will not want to missed.

The lifestyle is characterized by cultural and gastronomic biodiversity as well as customs and traditions.

3. Food in the Andean Wonder.

When you are in Peru you will experience food like never before. They have many dishes on the coast, including dishes based on seafood with their main dish, the “Flagship”. Ceviche, the predominant food in the Andes is the NovoAndina Food, With delicious dishes that include Sufle de Rocoto, roasted guinea pig, chicharon and dishes based on quinoa and other high Andean products, as well as vegetarian and vegan food options can also be found.

4. Language in the Andean Wonder.

If you don’t speak Spanish, that’s fine. It will be very beneficial and welcoming if you know the language, but in the big cities you can easily get by with just English. There are also many people who want to learn English and will talk to all travelers to practice.

Definitely the ancestral language of the Inca culture is Quechua as the first language followed by Aymara and other native languages native to each region.

5. Care of the environment in the Andean Wonder.

Most of the time you will receive everything in a plastic bag. Literally everything. Even drinks can be served in a plastic bag! Try to refuse plastic bags as much as possible.

6. Medical Services.

Medical services vary throughout Peru. There are high-level hospitals and clinics, and there are low-level hospitals and clinics. If you are in one of the larger cities you will be able to find decent medical services with English-speaking doctors.

In case you have a prescription, it is recommended that you can buy in the big cities and avoid unpleasant surprises, since the same medicine may not be available in remote towns.

Confort Level Aremika Travel Expeditions

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