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Mountain Biking Moray Maras Salt Mines

Price from: $ 49.00USD
Physical Level:
Highest Altitude:
3200 masl
Recommended Seasson:
all year
Tour Type:
Trip Length:
5 hours
Group Size:
4 to 15
Price From:
$ 49.00 USD

Mountain Biking Moray Maras Salt Mines

Mountian Biking Moray Maras Salt mines is located 1 hour from the city of Cusco, on the route that takes us to the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Mountain Biking is an adventure tour for those who are looking for other ways to visit the different archaeological parks of Cusco, with this option we invite you to tour the plateau of Moray, Salineras and Urubamba.

Customize this tour your way, you can either return to Cusco or make a connection with the full day to Machu Picchu.


  • 7:00 am Pick up from your hotel to our passengers
  • 7:20 am Private Tourist transportation to Chinchero – Cruzpata
  • 8:20 am Arrive to Cruzpata And Breafing
  • 8:30 am Start our Mountain Biking In Cusco Maras Moray
  • 10:00 am Vist Moray Terraces
  • 10:40 am Goin to Maras Salt mines
  • 11:30 am Visit Salt Mines
  • 12:00 pm Going salt Mines to Urubamba
  • 1:00 pm  Free time and Lunch in urubamba
  • 2:00 pm Come Back to Cusco

Trip Details

  • Physical classification: Moderated(3/5)
  • Activities: Mountain Biking, Archeology, nature, landscapes, Flora and fauna, mountains, snow-capped mountains.
  • Group size: Small groups, customized and private services.
  • When to travel: All year around,


With our mountain biking tour in Cusco we can visit a different way these tourist attractions, enjoying the outdoors, exercising the body and discovering more closely the experiences of the people.

Moray Terraces

It is located 7km from the district of Moray, in the province of Urubamba, department of Cusco.
The terraces of Moray are constructions of terraces that were made in Inca times, which were used as an agricultural laboratory, the largest hole contains 16 terraces and each has different microclimates.
The construction of these terraces is amazing because no matter the rains you will never see any accumulation of water on the surface,

Maras Salt Mines

The Maras Salt mines are located 50 km northeast of Cusco, at an altitude of 3200 masl, in the community of Maras and Pichingoto.

The Salt Mines are made up of about 4000 salt pits in the form of stepped terraces on the slopes of the Qaqawinay hill on one side of the ravine on the left bank of the Salineras stream.

According to the archaeological characteristics, its affiliation dates back to the Early Horizon period, which has been used since the Inca, colonial, republican and contemporary times.


Day 1

At 7:00 am we will pick you up from your hotel and transfer to the sacred valley by Chinchero route to the detour to Cruz Pata.

Here our guide will give us the indications of the route and give us the safety equipment which we will use throughout the journey.
We will make a tour throughout the pampas of Moray, surrounded by fields of crops, and mountains, and snow-capped peaks.

Arriving at the Moray Terraces, we will make a visit of about 40 minutes accompanied by our guide, and have time for souvenir photos.

Continuing we will go to the Maras Salt Mines, which since Inca times to the present day salt is still exploited in an artisanal way, we will pass over the Salt Mine to go to the route where it requires a great Control of bicycles (expert level), if we are not able we can go down pushing.

At the end of the descent by bike, we will continue our journey to Urubamba, where we can rest and have lunch. After lunch we will continue our trip by bus back to Cusco.

End of the Mountian Biking Moray tour service 14:00 pm


Take customization to the next level on a journey fully tailored to you. Aremika’s destination local specialists will gladly tailor this existing itinerary—or build one completely from scratch—to suit your style, interests, and time frame. Contact us to see what’s possible.




  • Mountain Bikes: with Shimano Alivio or Deore accessories. Front shock absorbers.
  • Adjustable helmets, light and very comfortable.
  • Montain Bike Guide (competent in the regulation and quick repair of the material). Possibility of having the guide for the three languages: English, Spanish or French.
  • Emergency pharmacy, GPS (height, distance and time), complete repair kit.
  • Printed map for the passengers + Complete briefing before departure.
  • Transport service for passengers.

No Included

  • Entrance fees to archaeological sites (If necessary).
  • Breakfast
  • Box lunch, snacks or drinks.
  • Tips.


  • It is necessary to carry a small backpack with personal gear.
  • Not suitable for people suffering from respiratory diseases.
  • Not suitable for people who are not in good physical condition.
  • The tour requires an intermediate level of bike riding.
  • This tour is for children over 10 years old under parental supervision, and signed authorization by parents to have the intermediate level of mastery of the bike.

Prices Tour

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Take customized to the next level on a trip that is completely tailored to you. Aremika’s local destination specialists will be happy to adapt this existing itinerary or build one completely from scratch to fit your style, interests and time. Contact us to see what’s possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What tour options are there to visit Moray, Maras salt mines?

In Cusco you can find a variety of alternative adventure tours, among them are the Moray erraces, and the Maras Salt Mines, which are strategically located to perform the following adventure tours:

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TOUR: Mountain Biking Moray Maras Salt Mines

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